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Abutilon Braz. Bell

Abutilon mega megapotanicum - Brazilian Bell Flower

Abutilon mega megapotanicum - Brazilian Bell Flower

The weeping Brazilian Bell Flower makes a beautiful hanging  basket or can be trained into a weeping Standard to display its elegant red and yellow flower on slender weeping branches. Best in semi shade with a few hours of sunlight. Water and fertilize regularly for constant flower display. Protect from strong winds. Can withstand light frost. The shoots can reach over 2 m in length, but can be cut back as required. Do not over water but keep moist at all time. Fertilize regularly for good flowering.


available in 12" pots - 1.4 m high and in 16" pots - 2 m high

also available in 140 mm pot and 10" HB