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Scaevola - Fandancer From Tissue Culture

Scaevola amulea
Size: 200 HB (All Year)


Common Name: "Fandancer"

Description: A spectacular Australian native groundcover with beautiful fan shaped blue/purple flowers, likes full sun and well drained soil. Each plant will create a dense cover up to 1sqm in the first year if fertilized regularly. Will flower continuously right through the whole year 

Use: Scaevola is salt tolerant and great as a groundcover for seaside plantings. Landscape use for mass planting and fast colourful effect. Ideal as a border - max.height 10cm, good for Hanging baskets, rockery and mixed plantings in tubs due to its cascading effect.

Problems: Rapid die back can occur when plants are a few years old and after a heavy rain period, especially in clay soil. A broad spectrum fungicide drench at the beginning of the warmer season can prevent die back.

Extra Info: Scaevola from Plantasy Nursery are grown from Tissue culture and therefore are free of Fungus/Bacteria, also bushier plants + live longer

Size: 200 HB

Availability: All Year