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Ginger Amazonicus

A beautiful variegated ginger that grows compact & bushy. Likes a well lit semi shade area and a moist & fertile soil. It flowers at the end of the coloumns with shell shaped flowers. Evergreen & hardy, low maintenance.


Ginger Little Tower

An exciting smaller growing Tower Ginger flowering through the warmer period with long lasting flowers for most of the year. It grows up to 1.5 m, much smaller than its relative the Red Tower, has upright stems with red/yellow flowers. It likes semi shade the best but will grow in full sun if regular watering and fertilizer is provided. It is evergreen, can tolerate light frost and adds a tropical look to the garden. Can also be used as a long lasting cut flower.

Ginger Vargassii

This spiral ginger from Peru is cold hardy and slow growing. It flowers at the top and the base of the plant with a bright yellow flower offset by showy red  brugs. It has decorative velvet purple bulging stems. Grows 1.5 - 2 m high. Best in semi shade.