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Medinilla 'myrianthia'

Medinilla 'Myriantha'

Medinilla 'Myriantha'

Grown for its spectacular, cascading clusters of pink flowers produced all year round, the Medinilla comes from warm, tropical regions where it grows under the rain forest canopy. Medinilla myriantha is the most tolerant of the Medinillas withstanding light frost. Does well in cooler regions. The flowers are followed by decorative purple-black berries, which are complemented by the large, lush dark green foliage. Medinilla myriantha will carry flowers and fruit at the same time all year round.

It prefers a partly shaded position in moist, well drained soil. Ideal for containers of hanging baskets. Prune lightly in winter if necessary. Keep moist at all times but reduce watering in winter.


also available Medinilla 'speciosa',  Medinilla 'pixi'  in pots and Medinilla 'scortecchinii' in a hanging basket